Resolutions: Resolve to live in the present too!

New Year Resolutions

The holiday rush is over and the New Year is closing in fast.  Take a moment to open one last present just for you, the gift of the present moment.   Take a deep breath, stop reading, and simply look around……Did you receive a moment of calm and awareness of your life now?

It is easy to be caught up in the past or worry about the future especially in making New Year resolutions, focusing on past failures and future hopes, but what about now?  It may not yet be perfect, but your life is happening.  Recognise what you have in the moment, see the simple smile on a loved one’s face, smell a warm meal on the table, feel the warmth of the sun, or listen to the song of a bird.  In the words of David Henry Thoreau, “Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land.”  Now is your land of opportunity, make the resolution to watch the present moment today.

I personally feel the need to do this more so now than ever, as my children appear to be growing up faster by the minute.  Often I am desperate for the need to stop time, hold their faces in my gaze a bit longer in that moment that is so easily missed.   These thoughts were captured in a frosty scene one bright morning as I looked down upon a pond held perfectly still in a thin covering of ice.  All the water’s movement stopped in its place, captured, each ripple suspended, every small current fossilized.  Time had stopped in the busy life of that pond, the sun was looming, but at least I could sit and admire it in all its beauty for a moment.  What a privilege!

The benefits of living in the present are endless.  It reduces fear and anxiety, brings calm and contentment, and most importantly it brings gratitude and the wonderful feeling of simply being alive.   Did you know that listening to your own breath is a quick and simple way to remind yourself that you are living, here, this moment, you are alive!

It takes only a few minutes each a day.  Think of it as a quick game of statues, freeze time for a moment.  Breathe, listen and look.  Your senses will come alive.  Remember despite past regrets and future worries, life also brings beauty and small wonders!  Make a resolution, not to let life pass by unnoticed!


4 thoughts on “Resolutions: Resolve to live in the present too!

  1. Hi Caroline! Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog today. Looks like you are just getting your blog up and going, congratulations! You write very well, and I like your style!
    Here’s to living in the ‘right now’ 🙂


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