Blogging Blues Lifted


I think  (watch this space) that I am starting to finally get my head around blogging, even if only a wee little bit more so each week.  Thankfully, after looking  and feeling like this woman last week, I am finally smiling a bit more while I fiddle around on screen.

I have discovered so many amazing blogs already, thank you everyone for sharing.   I will learn the best ways to share with others soon I promise.

Followers please be patient with me as I learn the technical side.  And more importantly as I gradually learn what I want to write about regularly and to whom. Can those two things ever be narrowed down?  We shall see.  Advice and guidance always welcome.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me, I have enjoyed this new way of keeping company and making new friends.


Snow Falls Into the Emotions of Life

JEANNE - WIN_20150131_004426 (2)

Snow falls silently after midnight.  My children sleep deeply as Nature’s white blanket warms the garden bed.  In the shimmering stillness, I reflect on tonight’s movie Fried Green Tomatoes, on beautifully written blogs I discovered in the afternoon, and on my decadent daily dose of Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Times have changed drastically since Dorian’s day in 1891 and even faster still since Jessica’s Tandy’s acting days in 1991, but similar emotional experiences continue to bind us.  Wrapped in my woolen blanket I watch each unique drifting snowflake; each a unique person from a different place.  I observe that despite differences all snowflakes ride the same exhilarating emotional breezes and storms until reaching a final resting place knitting together as one.

Bloggers Block

Blogging! What was I thinking?
Blogging! Scary!

I created this blog with great intentions of improving upon my writing skills and braving the world of public writing. The only way to learn to fly is to jump, right?

One month later posts are few. My blog haunts me constantly; obtrusively whispering, “I am still here, when will you write again?” To which I offer many replies. For example: Tomorrow I will have more time. Family and work come first. My writings and ideas are not worthy of people’s time. I am not ready. I am not good enough. Blogging is not right for me.

Blog or no blog, only one thing will ever be enough to quiet the persistent whispers thundering daily through my mind incessantly echoing, “Write, please be brave enough to write!”  Obviously, I must simply write and keep on writing!

My blog squeezes immovable crushing pressure on all sides every day. I wonder, when pushed to the point of explosion will bloody juices splatter and dry up in defeat? Or will this steady maceration turn ideas into full-bodied smooth words that will resonate on the minds of others?

“Just write!”, I tell myself again! Writing constantly will slowly melt the fear led freeze, finally letting the rivers run. I know this must be true as I am offered the same advice from trending #writing tips on Twitter. I am not alone. So here I type, thesaurus by my side (shh don’t tell anyone – did Oscar Wilde do the same). Metaphors, similes, interesting vocabulary and personifications are sitting in a nest of inhibition and ignorance, now officially challenged in hopes that one day they will soar.

Courage don’t fail me now. My writing is done for the day; my thoughts bravely shared, interesting or not!  Help me to hit “post”. I tell myself, “Remember, you are not alone. What is the worst that can happen?”  Doubt is creeping in,  “Maybe I should have a pen name instead….”  No, here it goes….Jump! Continue reading