Blogging Blues Lifted


I think  (watch this space) that I am starting to finally get my head around blogging, even if only a wee little bit more so each week.  Thankfully, after looking  and feeling like this woman last week, I am finally smiling a bit more while I fiddle around on screen.

I have discovered so many amazing blogs already, thank you everyone for sharing.   I will learn the best ways to share with others soon I promise.

Followers please be patient with me as I learn the technical side.  And more importantly as I gradually learn what I want to write about regularly and to whom. Can those two things ever be narrowed down?  We shall see.  Advice and guidance always welcome.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me, I have enjoyed this new way of keeping company and making new friends.


3 thoughts on “Blogging Blues Lifted

  1. I just hit my one year anniversary and am still figuring out the technical end of it. It’s hard when you only have a few hours a week and your first priority is to write and not graphic design! I did just update my landing page though, so I hope you come take a look!


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