Snow Falls Into the Emotions of Life

JEANNE - WIN_20150131_004426 (2)

Snow falls silently after midnight.  My children sleep deeply as Nature’s white blanket warms the garden bed.  In the shimmering stillness, I reflect on tonight’s movie Fried Green Tomatoes, on beautifully written blogs I discovered in the afternoon, and on my decadent daily dose of Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Times have changed drastically since Dorian’s day in 1891 and even faster still since Jessica’s Tandy’s acting days in 1991, but similar emotional experiences continue to bind us.  Wrapped in my woolen blanket I watch each unique drifting snowflake; each a unique person from a different place.  I observe that despite differences all snowflakes ride the same exhilarating emotional breezes and storms until reaching a final resting place knitting together as one.